About Us

Post Shop S.A.R.L Lebanon, owner and official dealer for many French and European brands in the field of natural slimming and beauty so everyone can get the results of certain aesthetic without referring to painful and costly surgery, as we have enlarged our ranges to cover: joints pain, circulations, fertility, sleep disorders, sexual disorders, sprot's nutrition & proteins. 

We have our own show rooms and we deal on wholesale and retail with clients and distributors in Lebanon and abroad .





Post Shop was founded in 2001 has achieved several successes in the field of health and beauty. It has proved that it possesses the necessary ingredients for the success of its functions by a team active and practical, to the potential of effective technical services including fast delivery and periodic follow-up of clients and distributors, for the best results

Our Slogan

“Serve with excellence, inspire change”.

Our Mission

We constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision. In doing this, we deliver excellence in every aspect of the company to meet our challenges and goals.
We constantly try to surpass our competitors in quality, innovation and value to provide a personal high quality shopping experience and create lifelong customer relationship.

Our partners

Les 3chenes, a leading French research and development laboratory founded in 1992, by Eric Favre winner of several European awards for creativity and innovation in the health and beauty industry.

ERIC FAVRE WELLNESS, Eric Favre, believing and practicing sportsman, has been an expert in sports nutrition for over 25 years. With the group Les 3 Chênes, 3C Pharma and Eric Favre laboratories, he founded one of the most dynamic French groups on the international market for sports nutrition, health and beauty, with a presence in over 70 country. The entrepreneur has created a whole lifestyle universe around his brand and his values ​​...

L’action Paris from mediatic is a major player in the health & beauty industry since the 80’s with a worldwide reputation and presence.



Our range of products:

Post shop has a wide range of products - Food supplements covering the following Categories:


  1. Weight Loss

  2. Joints Pain

  3. Sleeping Disorders

  4. Hair Care

  5. Skin Care

  6. Sexual Performance

  7. Circulation

  8. Fertility

  9. Vitamins

  10. Sport's Nutrition & Proteins 

  11. Vegan

Our offices:

Post Shop S.A.R.L (Main Office)
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: +961-1-980100; +961 744 742 Fax: +961-1-980101

Via Tonic L.L.C. (branch)
Dubai, U.A.E.
Tel:+971-4-4548386; Fax: +971-4-4548387

Dealers covering Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia,
Kuwait, Morocco, Sudan and Libya.