Pure L-Gluta 500g


  • Eric Favre Pure L-Gluta 500g accelerates muscle recovery, improves digestion and immune protection.

    Glutamine is an Amino Acid present in all muscles. It plays a role in protein metabolism and immune protection, thus helping improve the body's defences. Glutamine helps prevent overtraining syndrome by reducing recovery time between efforts.

    Glutamine helps keep athletes healthy and improves recovery after exercise.

    L-Gluta 100% natural. 100% Vegan. 1 measure brings 5000 mg of L-Glutamin.


    Add a 5g heaping scoop in a 200/250ml cold beverage. Shake intensively.
    Have one beverage before exercise and one immediately after to optimise recovery and muscle building.
    Indication: Muscle recovery, digestion and immune support.

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