High Protein Bar 80g


  • Eric Favre Sport High Protein Bar 80g is a 100% pleasure and efficiency bar.

    It could be used before and after training. It contains 27.6g (24,6g for the Crunchy Cranberries and White Chocolate bar) bar of proteins, a concentration of 32%.

    Its formula is optimized in BCAA, Minerals & Fibers and allow an ideal muscular construction.

    4 flavours available. ( Brownie, Coco, Caramel, Cranberries white chocolate, Vanilla Almond )

    Nutritional values ​​for a bar (80g):

    Energy: 273kcal
    Protein: 25.4g
    Carbohydrates: 19.5g
    which Sugars: 12.4g
    Fiber: 14g
    Sodium: 0.15g.

    Sport Practice : One bar as a snack before and/or after training for an optimal muscular development.
    Slimming program: Take one bar as a snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

    Indication: For an optimized muscular assimilation

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