Born of Rage Powershot


  • Eric Favre Born Of Rage Shot 15ml is a food supplement in form of drinkable dose based of plants, vitamins, minerals, taurin and caffeine, with sugar and sweetener.

    This food supplement is recommended for people who are active in sports and who want an immediate boost.

    Take one dose 30 minutes before or during the effort. Or take one dose preferably in the morning.
    Indication: Immediate energy supply.
    Extrait de : Guarana et Tribulus, Eau, Fructose, Miel, Substances Aromatisantes Naturelles, Vitamines : C, B3, B5, B6, B1, Taurine, Acidifiant : Acide Citrique, Épaississant : Gomme de Xanthane : Conservateurs : Benzoate de Sodium, Sorbate de Potassium, Caféine, Sulfate de Zinc, Levure au Sélénium, Édulcorant : Sucralose.

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