Moisturizing Hair Night Mask


  • Enriched with plant-based ingredients Barbary Fig Oil and extract of Aloe Vera leaf, this mask intensively nourishes hair for unrivaled moisture. Features ingredients known for their moisturizing properties to treat dry, dull hair types that need an external injection of hydration. Upon waking, hair is soft, supple, manageable and thoroughly hydrated with no weigh-down. Also ideal for rough, coarse hair types to smooth cuticle for vibrancy and shine.


    Mask designed to be used and left in the hair overnight. Comb mask through hair and leave to dry for 5 to 10 minutes before bed. Using a cap is not necessary. Does not stain bedding or pillows. Rinse out in the morning and wash hair if needed. Leaving mask overnight allows the hair to thoroughly absorb the ingredients for maximum benefit and transformed hair in the morning.

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