Via 3J Express



     A complete program that works effectively to get rid of excess of kilos in a record time : 3 Days . It sculpts body and restores its energy with respect of its own biological rhythm.

    Most of us suffer from annoying weight instability . For example, at Summer we feel much lighter and thinner due to low fat food and more physical activity at contrary  of Winter.

    We all wish to reach the ideal weight and maintain it fixed.

    With Via 3J Express we can lose at least 2 kg during only 3 days in a safe and effective way and also keep the good results intact longer and longer.


    How it works ?

    Cleans and protects liver by a fine selection of herbs such as dandelion, nettle and algue (spiruline)

    Guarana Helps burning fat and decreases cellulite by dissolving fat cells

    Fennel works to purify body from toxins and sediments

    Elder extract rich in flavonoids to control weight and protect our body from diseases

    Green tea rich in antioxidants that improve blood flow, increase metabolism and help to lose weight

    Vitamin C relieves signs of fatigue and increases body energy and vitality

    A group of herbs and carefully selected dietary fibers that contribute in appetite suppressing and having a feeling of satiety


    Expected results after 3 days:

    - 4.1cm from waist circumference

    - 1.9kg in three days

    100% slimming, tonic, detox effect


    To whom it is directed?

    All adult people who are in good health and want to lose few kilos in a rapid way or who wish to clean their system in order to reach a healthy body


    How to use Via 3J Express ?

    3 Days course :

    Take everyday 2 morning tablets during breakfast,

    2 midday tablets during lunch

    and 2 evening tablets during dinner.

    Dilute every morning 1 sachet of drinkable solution in a glass of wate.

    Follow dietetic advice booklet and drink much during the day.


    Importance of Detox

    Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body. It is one of the best ways to rid your body of toxins, which can slow it down and make it unhealthy. After the detox is completed you may feel lighter, have more energy and your body’s immune system will be stronger. Finally, a detoxification regime will clear your blood and help it circulate better.

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